Bus accident with railway

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1972 - We were on the school bus on the road, the bus driver was in a hurry. I saw approaching a train, 300 meters before we had to cross a one unguarded railway crossing. The bus driver gave full throttle. I was scared to death because i knew that's a disaster. I looked to my companion and said, "That's it now!" 

And already the locomotive pierced in the back of the bus. The bus was ripped open and i saw the front of the locomotive in front of me. The locomotive bored until shortly before my nose through the metal, then finally stopped. 

I blacked out, I fainted and when I woke up was all the smoke around me. The engine of the bus was in full swing and could not be stopped. The exhaust gases penetrated directly to us. Now I saw the seats. They were moved. There was no center aisle in the bus. We had difficulty and seriously injured we fighting over the seats forward. Back there was no escape. 

Some eyewitnesses at the railroad crossing fainted. All occupants were indeed injured, but all survived this serious accident. At the point at which the train purely bored, no one is sitting. Normally on this day 35 children would have been on the bus but there were only 8! 

The newspaper wrote: Like a miracle all children survived. However, I say with full conviction: Not like miracle but by a miracle all children survived. Through this experience, I was very traumatized for a long time and in this time Jesus was my therapist and helped me to process this. 

God does not always save us the hard times, because we intervene in it, but it always helps us through. 

Author and accident victims: Thomas Waechter

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