Healing from Lymph gland cancer

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It was 2003. In our busiest time my mother was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer and barely escaped with her live. It was difficult for me to be in the stage of her disease so far away. I live with my family in Germany and my parents lived in Norway. I kept thinking of her, praying for my mother and suffering with my parents. 

Twice I took free for several weeks in order to be with her. I visited my mom in the hospitals, bought for her and did everything to land a helping hand. She was very weak and my father was desperate. Half the world prayed for her and actually after a terrible year with unspeakable suffering, the situation changed. It was a miracle that the cancer disappeared, although my mother was so weak that even the chemo had to be aborted. However, in all the time I had a supernatural peace and certainty in my heart that my mother would survive. 

Each man is destined to die once. My mother was allowed to see their grandchildren grow up when she died 10 years after the healing. 

Author: Heidi Waechter

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