Three year old boy crossed the federal Highway


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Year 1995. We wanted to walk with our 2 youngsters in germany Bad Cannstatt. Andre the oldest son was the fastest by putting on the clothes. In good humor and full of enthusiasm Andre was driving ahead with his vehicle - a children's tricycle. At once the enterprising Andre completly was disappeared. Immediately i called the Police and my whole Family. Also neighboring shops and a petrol station was asked to help. 

First without succes. Only after more hours an employee of the petrol station found the outlier Andre. The three old Andre unceremoniosly crossed the federal highway B14. Two trafficlines on the left side and two trafficlines on the right side and in the middle two trafficlines of the tram. Andre want to reach the trainstation. 

 Without protecting hand of god Andre had not survived this trip. 

Author: Heidi und Kay Waechter

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